Android 101 – What is Launcher ? Can I change it ?

Introduction :

Launcher is the main GUI for your “Desktop” , while unlock your phone, that screen is the Launcher.

This is the original Google Build-in Launcher .


Unlike iOS, All of the Android can be install other Launcher.

Actually, when you buy most of all brand of Android Phone, Tablet, each brand had their own Launcher already, like Samsung , it’s call “Touch Wiz” Launcher as known as “TW Launcher”.


I Feel boring on iOS GUI …




HTC Sense Launcher, I guess you should remember this, I saw this while using Windows Mobile Phone few years ago.

So, if I feel the launcher is bad or I would like to get more customization ?

Let’s Change the Launcher !

1) GO Launcher EX : Click to Download

GO Launcher EX is the most popular Android home launcher replacement app in Google Play. It offers you many first-ever features to customize your own homescreen experience. Go launcher EX provides you speedy and smooth operation, fancy and plentiful themes, and utility functions with imagination.


This is completely FREE, and after installation, you can put any app’s icon on your desktop like before, but why ? Why I need to swap to GO Launcher ? Do a search on here, Click to browse the THEME .


Not enough ? OK, after install, you can search and download ANY themes in-APP, there’s TON’s of theme that you can download.

Moreover, with Go Launcher EX, you may able using some special Widget which design by them, I copy come snapshot right below :



2) GO Locker : Click to Download

What is GO Locker ? Check below screenshot :

This is a basic theme from GO locker, while you turn off the phone and turn it on, you can see this unlock screen .

Click here to browse more theme ! and more theme screenshot for your reference :


Like GO Launcher EX, build-in in-APP download ! Pick and download after installation !

Still Hungry ?

OK, you should be like me, I need a totally new design of my “Desktop” .

Then I suggest you go for “ADW Launcher EX” – Check it here

Unlike GO Launcher EX, ADW Launcher EX not provide that much in-app download, friendly setting interface. It’s for advance.

I did a post about it before, but really sorry that the photos broken already due to the hackers.

But, you can browse Youtube right here

if you’re lazy, try checkout some Theme right here . Also you can download some Icon , customize all your app in desktop to fill your hungry.

Oh No, I need some sweet !

This is the last section , I would go too far, I list something that I used and what you should looking for.

1) MultiPicture Live Wallpaper – if you have a lot of wallpaper or you would like some photos show one by one to your wallpaper, this is your choice, I used it for around 8 months and I really love it. You can assign which folders to show, and show follow the date/file name etc.


2) Circle Battery Widget – Check left circle at below screenshot

3) One More Clock Widget Free


4) ³ – Music Player



Why ? when you tried the widget, maybe you like it.

Last : Try searching some widget and Live wallpaper to design your own Desktop, you’ll totally love it.

Search Widget

Search Live Wallpaper


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