Line Fish Island 1.0.2 Hack by Leies

Important !

1) Sharing is welcome BUT please give me the credits . If I find ANY didn’t do it, I WON’T DO IT ANYMORE.
我的修改版可隨便轉載, 但必需加入我的網頁/名. 如發現任何沒有做到, 我不會再做更新.

你的賬戶會有機會被停權 , 如使用就要自己接受承擔風險 .

What Leies hacked ? Leies 修改了什麼 ?
I provided two versions this time

Version 1
You won’t die even miss. ( I hope you will use this one, more fun )
多少次Miss 也不死 ( 個人希望大家使用此版本, 免得失去樂趣 )
Download 下載:
pCloud Mirror :

Version 2
Just keep pressing …….
Download 下載:
pCloud Mirror :

For Rooted 給已 Root : (You can use non-root method too 你也可以使用沒有 Root 的方法)
1) Install Official Line Fish Island
安裝原版 Line Fish Island

2) Run Line Fish Island and login until you get into main screen
執行 Line Fish Island 及登入, 直到進入主頁

3) Install Titanium Backup
     安裝 Titanium Backup

4) Run Titanium Backup and Find out Line Fish Island, then, back it up.
執行 Titanium Backup 及找到 Line Fish Island, 然後備份.

5) UNINSTALL Line Fish Island
把 Line Fish Island 解除安裝

6) Download My hack and install.

7) Run Titanium Backup again and Find out Line Fish Island, then, Restore DATA ONLY
執行 Titanium Backup 及找到 Line Fish Island, 然後備份, 然後按還原”資料”

8) Run Line Fish Island and Have Fun!
執行 Line Fish Island 及要給我玩的痛快點 !

For Non-Rooted 給沒有 Root :
1) Uninstall Line (yes, the main Line message app and you will lost all chat log)
把 Line 解除安裝. ( 你會失去所有聊天紀錄 )

2) Install Line 3.8.8 here and Login .
下載及安裝 Line 3.8.8 及登入

3) Download My hack here and install.

4) Run Line Fish Island and you will able to login, Have Fun!
執行 Line Fish Island 及要給我玩的痛快點 !

For iOS User :
I won’t do any mod about Apple. You may use BlueStacks to do it, you can use Non-Root Method easier.

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  • diu says:

    server Fish Island for english version is down .. in playstore i cant find Fish Island english language again..
    now only china version, i cant read chinese :-s

  • Kenneth says:

    Hi can someone help me out. I download Line 3.8.8 but i could not install. There is error. I try without install Line, i just install the mod apk. But it does not allow me. Because my playstore is singapore. Can someone guide me along? Thanks alot!

  • Anonymous says:

    pleas update 1.0.3 thank you

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