SmartCandy M105 – Thumb Drive Like Android System for TV and Air Mouse with Keyboard

Yesterday, I bought funny toy, this SmartCandy . For playing some movie, online stream movie on my bigger TV.

Photo First :

2012-11-20 16.04.00
*Unpack Look

2012-11-20 16.07.19
*With the new Air Mouse, Keyboard.

2012-11-20 16.07.51
*this port connect to WiFi Module and power cable.

2012-11-20 16.08.11
*with SD Card slot, I put one 16GB class 4 into it

2012-11-20 16.09.18
*After connected, WiFi module can connect a USB device, I’ve connected the Airmouse receiver right now. You can connect a USB hubs, better with a power supply. And the end of wifi module cable, it’s USB, MUST be connected to at least 5V1A output. Some TV build-in USB port, most of them are 5V0.5A only. I connected to a iPhone charger, never hangs.


2012-11-20 16.11.04
It’s quite big for the Air Mouse and Keyboard.


2012-11-20 16.09.58
Required 3 x 3A batteries .

This Air Mouse + Keyboard :

You can imagine this is a Wii Remote. There’s mouse left and right click, I tried a long time to control, it’s pretty nice. And it’s support Windows and Mac, Mine is Win7, NO DRIVER REQUIRED !!!!! You can control as mouse really easily. Only bad thing is the keyboard’s key too hard, it’s not good if you wanna to type many.

2012-11-20 16.15.26
Let’s Fire Up !


2012-11-20 16.15.40
as you seen, the screen is a bit overed, then I go settings, check next photos :


2012-11-20 16.19.54
You can adjust the size of the display screen right here.

Spec. ( I hate to post this )


Leies Comment :

1) Build-in Official Google Play Store and Support Flash. It’s really Nice !
2) Build-in Video Player also nice, I can play RMVB and most of all of my videos, my girl will be happy about this.
3) About Bad, RAM, 512 will cause a bit lag when you’re installing apps, stop video, back to home etc.
4) It CAN be root, but I won’t post right now as a bit trouble.

Finally, the cost :
SmartCandy – HKD299.00 only
Air Mouse – HKD288.00
The shop give me a discount : HKD520.00 for both , YAY !!!!

it’s very nice toy, easy setup, and the price is not high.

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  • Cubitus says:


    I spent 3 hours trying to root my Smartcandy without success. Can you kindly share some advice about how you did it.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.



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