PSP – Pandora & Time Machine in one Memory Stick?


Well , I did one before while Cementerio V4 , but when I’m trying help my friend to upgrade , there’s some problem for upgrade but works fine for Time Machine.

After Cementerio V5 out, some one posted it’s working for both, so I tried to make one to help my friends upgrade / downgrade / Fix IDStorage . I won’t post all the files since it’s quite big !!!!!! 1XX MB Total .

Overview Function :

  • Dual Boot for Pandora Battery by Holding L / Up button (This is advance version…)
  • Directly upgrade/Downgrade to : 1.50(Fat),3.71M33-2, 3.80M33-5, 3.90M33-3, Official 3.90
  • IDStorage Manager
  • KeyCleaner
  • Dump / Restore NAND
  • Pandora Battery Create/Restore

******** Pandora + Time Machine all in one card require 3.90M33 – 2 to Launch **********

Snapshot :
When Holding L + Power on

Press L

When Holding UP + Power on

Press UP


How to Do ?

  1. 1) Download Official Firmware followings ( I haven’t upload cause quite big but easy to search in Google )
    1.50 (rename as 150.PBP)
    1.50 (rename as update.PBP)
    3.40 (rename as 340.PBP)
    3.60 (rename as 360.PSAR)
    3.71 (rename as 371.PBP)
    3.80 (rename as 380.PBP)
    3.90(rename as 390.PBP)
    Copy those files in root of Memory Stick (Don’t ask me what is root…. )
  2. 2) And Download this file , extract and copy under 1)MS_ROOT\ Files to Memory Stick .
  3. 3) Run Time Machine, Run Option 1 & 2 , and then choose the Firmware you like to install to Memory Stick.
  4. 4) Run OS Pandora Battery Tool, Run Option 2 , it will make your Battery to Pandora
  5. 5) Extract and Overwrite under “2)OverWrite” files to Memory Stick root.
  6. 6) Done

***** There’s “3)360_error_use_only” in the pack, since some region of PSP can’t use it, when you face this problem, overwrite to memory stick with this pack,

How to USE ?

For Normal Use :

If you like to enter 3.90M33-2/3 , don’t press any button while power on.

For Time Machine 0.1 :
Hold followings button and then Power on : 

Hold X – 1.5 (PSP1000)
Hold O – 1.50-3.40 Mix (PSP1000/PSP2000)
Hold △ – 3.40 OE (PSP1000)
Hold 口 – 3.60 M33 (PSP2000)

For Upgrade/Downgrade/Recovery Usage :

There’s 2 Launch Method :

Holding L / UP Button and Power On the unit . You’ll see the screen like Screen shot.

1) When L Mode :

Cementerio V3(371M33-2)  – Flash 3.71M33-2
Cementerio V4(380M33-5)  – Flash 3.80M33-5
fatPSPto150    – Flash 1.5 ( ONLY for  PSP1000 !)
IdStorageManager      – Fix KEY
KeyCleaner         – Check KEY
Nandtoo103        - Rebuild Partition, Backup NAND
OSPBT05          – Pandora Battery Builder / Restore
USB   – Connect USB to PC
Shutdown         - Shutdown PSP

2) While UP Mode : (Will get into Cementerio V5 Mode )

Press X : Flash 3.90 M33-3
Press O : Flash Official 3.90
Press 口: Backup NAND
PressL+R+Start+Home : Restore NAND

Note :  if you just want Cementerio V5 Mode, Skip Step5 .

Well, it’s quite fit if you like to helping anyone to fix, downgrade, upgrade their PSP . Helping Peoples ? I always do .

Should you got any problems please leave me comment .

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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