Leies CE-Star R3c WM5/6 CAB

Well, I’m sorry to say that I’m quite busy on these days .. Since I’ve quite heavy work flow at office and I feel very tired everyday , so I take more rest and one of my love game released , monster hunter portable 2G (PSP), I’ve played with friend with BIG fun…

Today, I bring you : Leies CE-Star R3c CAB Pack :

Official News :

2.8 R3c Release Notes:
CE-Star 2.8 R3c comes with the below improvements:

CE-Star Suite 2.8 R3c for WM5/6 (Windows Mobile 5 and 6)

CE-Star for WM5/6 is the first and only true Chinese/Japanese enabler software suite for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 based devices. It integrates Chinese/Japanese enabler, handwriting recognition and dictionary.

CE-Star contains over 8 Chinese input methods(pinyin, chajei, phonetic, quick chajei, cantonese, dayi, array, wubi etc) and Japanese Romaji input method. The Chinese/Japanese handwriting recognition can be in freehand mode or boxed mode.

CE-Star Suite 2.8 for WM5/6 features:
1. Optimized for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 .
2. Prediction for keypad/keyboard input and Handwriting recognition input.
3. High resolution display (480×640 or 480×480) support.
4. Landscape mode and Square screen support (allow user to switch Landscape and Portrait mode).
5. Built-in and external keyboard input supports.
6. ASCII characters shortcut input panel in Handwriting recognition.
7. Uses Unicode Truetype font to display Chinese and Japanese text clearly.
8. Supports simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese both.
9. Simpler installation and uninstallation without manually tapping reset button.


Well, Just finished WM5/6 Version , I’ll build Treo and WM3 version later


**** Updates : I found my HTC ELF stuck in logo screen after installed .

Download All in One Pack for WM5/6 Here : (Repacked)

And get the patch here :


Have Fun !

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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  • Simon says:

    just installed your repack.. still seem to be stuck at the logo screen for me. im using a HTC Touch CDMA version myself.

    hope you could get this fixed, keep up the awesome releases!

  • hkccmc says:

    Waiting for the Treo750 WM6 version. Keep up the good work!!

  • Kimputer says:

    HP 214 UK > after restart, monochrome distorted screen, unable to boot. Hard reset necessary.

  • punchy says:

    Pls upload to mediafire or sharedzilla or adrive, badongo always says all slots full, join premium. thank you.

  • Calvert says:

    Thanks for your effect dude. 1 question, does it work perfectly on HTC Diamon?

  • Dear Calvert ,

    Get Diamon special in this post .

  • Tony says:

    Darth Vampire Leies,nid ur help pls…
    My O2 Xda Atom Exec i hv install ur CE-Stars bt can’t use it …may i noe wat happen?pls help me ,….

  • Tony says:

    Darth Vampire Leies,Xtually is like tat, my O2 Xda Atom Exec when i download the “Download All in One Pack for WM5/6” after i extrat the all file i take System GBKC copy to my memory card then install in my phone,after install i can’t see the chinese word…then after i remove the System GBKC i restart my HP,my hp can’t open contact list n can’t call out…so nid ur help pls …o can teach me how 2 install chinese software in my O2 Xda Atom Exec in my HP…pls…….

  • SOly says:

    Hi, I’ve got a HTC HD2 Eng WM6.5 and I need to input/view chinese/japanese..
    Could your cab be installed in this handheld?
    Thank you very much in advance!!

  • Hiroto says:

    Hi Will it work for HTC SNAP?

  • no, only for windows Mobile Professional . not for standard .

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