Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 – How to Move Data to SD? (Part 1)

We can’t move any app  to SD cause Android block it internally . Why ? I won’t talk right here, please refer link to here by Chainfire

So what can we do ? I provide two solutions. ROOT is required for both.  (Second Method will post later, as the app updating new version)

Directorybind – this for game file / some data

This app can’t move an app directly, but it can move the data, let’s say some of games, it will download a huge 500-1000mb files for data store in “SD partition” (not ext SD). Or some Map software required some map data, then you can use Directorybind to bind the folders. Redirect the internal sd to ext sd.

Let’s move :

1) Download and install Directorybind
2) Like below photo, read my redbox. Remember tick Transfer files from target to data. If you didn’t know what’s about, go to the second photo example(Step 3) .

2012-11-24 14.08.03

2012-11-24 14.23.44

Above photo is example, this is my settings, I moved NFS 13 game data to Ext SD Card.

3) What you need to do ?

– Create a folder in Ext SD Card, for example, I would like to move NFS Data to it, then I create a folder in /data/ ( actually can be any names)
– Setup like photo 1
– Remember tick Transfer files from target to data ( you don’t have to move files by yourself )
– Click add in photo 1
– Wait to move.
– When you back to main screen, click the right icon to make it GREEN. then it’s done.

This method can make some apps with huge data to move on Android 4.1, but badly not working or 4.2 . The owner of Directorybind is not more active on XDA…. let’s hope he will update it.


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