Android 101 – How transfer files to other people without Bluetooth/WiFi?

Yes, this is a very good question, I think most people being asked before, what’s your answer ?

If you’re not using my method, please share your way !

1) Method One

Actually, this is a web service . Let you send ANY type of files from PC/Mac/Android to PC/Mac/Android .

You can send file over this web, the files – WON’T upload to their server, the web is act like a bridge , connect your PC/Mac/Android. So this is kinda like point-to-point send apps. More Safe .


you/receiver  have 10mins to get the files.

Android App here ( Send Anywhere ) :

2012-11-28 20.26.482012-11-28 20.27.34


2012-11-28 20.28.04

If you need a unlimited version ( Send Anywhere Pro ) :

PRO features:
* No ads.
* Send unlimited file size, unlimited number of files.

Buy here :

I can’t found any state about how large files can be sent…

But I feel this is a very very nice app for sharing files.

2) Method Two

Dropbox ! This is the unlimited way, but it’ll take times to upload, after upload, you may share the file link to other to get it.


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