Android Storage : If “InternalStorage/Android” = “External SD/Android” ?

Yes, this what I’m talking about. You know most of all data storage in Internal Storage’s “Android” folder, and actually most of game data will be store in “Android/obb” , so if we can use some method to bind it…. will be more more more space…

From my post before :
amsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 – How to Move Data to SD? (Part 1)

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 – How to Move Data to SD? (Part 1.5)

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 – How to Move Data to SD? (Part 2)

I found these solutions about it, from Part 2 will be the best choice but required a bit setting and CWM flashing. And most of people feel SD card is not quite stable when everything swapped, if SD Card getting error, you may not copy out. I feel so, so I feel just some part of storage move to SD will be better choice.

From Part 1, the owner is not active for a long time… and not working on Android 4.2 version device..

So I’m researching about this, looking for an app get more support.

I’m not sure it works or not if we can using DirectoryBind, bind “Internal Storage/Android” to “External SD/Android”. As my Android folder too large …. around 4GB … I need time to hold all app inactive to move out to External SD. I will try out later on. And also, I found an APP exactly do this.

If you’re interest, head over here

I will try it out later, but some user’s report it’s not working on some ROM. so, remember backup everything before try this out.

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