Android 101 – 3 Ways Remote Control my Android from PC/Mac or Use Whatsapp in PC/MAC

If you play a lot Whatsapp or need some APP only for Android, you’ll thinking of How I can use them in my PC ? ”

Some APPs Like LINE, you have PC/Mac Versions, but NOT Whatsapp, I tested some ways to deal with this, hope you enjoy it and no matter any method, text input your lang. like Chinese, it still works. Let’s move on !

Quick Index :
Method One : Samsung Only, No Root required – Free
Method Two : All Rooted Device – Free
Method Three : ALL NON-ROOT Device – Paid


Method One : For Samsung Only, Not so sure for Non-Samsung Device. [Free]

TeamViewer QuickSupport

 Teamviewer Quicksupport – NO Root required


Remote Control your Android!

Remotely control your Samsung mobile device with original Samsung firmware from your computer with the free TeamViewer QuickSupport app! Now you can provide remote technical support to colleagues, friends, and family who need assistance with their Samsung mobile device. The app will help you edit text messages, check email account settings, or troubleshoot other apps all from a computer.

For any questions on modded devices or non-original Samsung firmware, please get in touch with our support (

More features:
• Access Samsung mobile devices from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with TeamViewer.
• IT departments can help employees resolve any support questions with their Samsung mobile device quickly and easily
• Conveniently control the mobile device from your computer to edit text messages, check email account settings, or troubleshoot other apps etc.
• Secured connection with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding
• The app is compatible with Samsung mobile devices running original Samsung Android firmware (Android 2.3 or later).
• The app is free!

Quick Guide:
1. Download and launch the app.
2. The other side, e.g. the support technician, needs to install and start the TeamViewer full version on his/her computer (download at
3. Pass on the QuickSupport ID to your trusted partner, who uses the TeamViewer full version.
4. Allow your trusted partner to connect to your device.



Leies Comment : OK, all you need :

1) Install This APP in Android / the Install apk file here
2) Install This Program in PC / Mac / Linux
3) Run the APP from Android

4) Enter the ID from PC / Mac / Linux
5) Have Fun !


Method TWO : For Rooted device only. [FREE]

 droid VNC server


Allows you to remote control your android within your computer!

Your device must be ROOTED!

– Password authentication
– Rotate/Scale
– Wifi & USB & 3G (when supported by carrier)
– Mouse & Kb emulation
– Open-source
– Clipboard support
– …

You need a ROOTED device.


Leies Comment : OK, all you need :

1) Install from Android
2) Install from PC / Mac
3) Run the App from Android
4) Type the ip from PC / Mac Client
5) Have Fun

Method 3 – for NON-Rooted Device, $$$$ Required…

unnamed VMLite VNC Server



VMLite VNC Server allows you to remotely view and control your android phone or tablet from a desktop computer or from another mobile device using the popular VNC protocol.

This app works on rooted and non-rooted android devices. However, for non-rooted devices, every time after turning the device completely off and on, you will have to connect your device to a Windows PC or Mac using a USB cable, then run a free desktop program, VMLite Android App Controller, to start the server on your device. Once the server is started, you can disconnect your device. If you don’t turn your device off (but just let it “sleep”), then the server will continue running for months, if desired.

You can download our desktop program using this link:


– no need to root your android devices

– supports WIFI and USB connections.

– supports WIFI hotspot in case there is no WIFI and no USB connection. You can turn on your android device’s Tethering and portable hotspot, so your PC or another device can connect.

– works on API level 7 and above, including Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Beans.

– supports ARM and X86 devices.

– supports typical VNC clients, TightVNC, Real VNC, etc.

– supports Java enabled browsers. You can connect to the android device from a browser using a Java applet

– supports HTML5 compatible browsers, you can connect to your android device without any other installations

– supports reverse connections to vnc viewers running in listening modes

– supports VNC password

– supports scale and rotation

– two-way clipboard support (text only)

– full mouse and keyboard control

– supports special keys, such as Home, Back, Menu, Search, Power, etc.

– supports long press keys, e.g., you can press and hold the search key

– supports mouse wheel

– supports swipe/fling gestures

– auto turn on screen when you press any key from VNC client


– auto rotation
– navigation bar at bottom
– firewall friendly
– touch aware clients on mobile devices
– RDP server




Leies Comment : OK, all you need :

1) Install the APP from Android
2) Run ANY Web Browser that support HTML5
3) Type the ip address shown in Android or Download the any client if you like.
4) Have Fun !!!

Final Note By Leies :

Teamviewer QS Provided a totally Free, No Root required method, and I tested the speed for controlling, this is the best.
droid VNC server, if you’re advanced users, you may try this out, but you need a rooted device. I found this speed is not good as Teamviewer QS.

VMLite VNC Server, the best solution if you don’t wanna Root your device and provide a HTML5 view, this is really good .

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  • Apk says:

    I simply would not depart your web site before advising that we actually cherished the usual details an individual offer for a guests? Is going to be all over again routinely to check on on new articles

  • Geo says:

    Yo thanks Leies good review.
    I tried Droid VNC over USB with an adb redirect command but it’s still laggy. No money to try VMLite So I spent a few hours rooting/unlocking/installing cyanogenmod 10.1 on my Sony Xperia Z and flashing the MODDED TeamViewer QuickSupport ( I am now successfully using TeamViewer to control my Xperia Z, and it’s quite responsive. Just a fraction slower than remote controlling a Windows PC over TeamViewer.

  • A person actually lend a hand to generate considerably reports I will point out. Right here is the brand new My spouse and i seen your web site webpage and also to this aspect? I actually surprised with the evaluation you’ve made for making this actual post extraordinary. Amazing activity!

  • justin brock says:

    Leies, thanks for the article. I know you’re writing to individuals rather than business. But for businesses, VNC has quite a number of security vulnerabilities. And Teamviewer is difficult to manage centrally if you have a large support organization. Bomgar – where I work – has made a app for doing screen sharing and remote support to and from Android devices. And it’s for a business context – much more secure. It’d be great to get your thoughts on the capability. Here’s the link: Thanks!

  • Honny benson says:

    no i didnt find any solution

  • _maxim_ says:

    There is application has name “Vicario” in “Google Play”. It is an Android application that provides remote access to your device.
    The device is managed via email.
    In other words, you write a mail with commands for the app and the app performs them in the specified sequence.
    Vicario size is 128 KB!

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  • Toni Cañabate says:

    Great article Leies. I would like to propose you a challenge. The situation is like that… I have an android TV box (Minix Neo X5) connected to the plasma TV through HDMI and also to the HiFi amp through optical audio cable. There’s no problem when I want to see something in TV I just have and wireless keyboard with touchpad. But when I want only to play music I need to connect the TV just to be able to control the Neo X5. I tried some android VNC servers to be able to control the Neo X5 from my android phone and control the music player from any point of my house. But still I have connect the TV at least to establish the initial connection between the Neo X5 (server) and the android phone (client). Then the challenge is … is there any way to configure some server in the Neo and client in the phone that establish connection between them automatically eliminating the need of turning on the TV to establish the connection?

  • Jakob says:

    Just tested the Teamviewer app and had very sluggish performance.
    Instead I’ve now landed with Mobizen:, which provides easy and fast full remote control…

  • jayjaymartin says:

    I lost all my textmessages when upgrading to Lolliopop on my Xperia Z1 and followed Jons advice where to find it. But now what? Do I have to import it back to the phone with an app? I tried to put the files in the corresponding map on the phone but no luck.

    Can you help me?

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