iOS LINE 3.30, 3.40–New method to get other region stickers ( without Jailbreak)

I won’t talk too much here as Im working right now (real life and oh hell, it’s 03:31am right now)

Before do it, make sure you did register the email.

Let’s Start.

Photos not snap by me..

Step 1
1) It’s better Uninstall LINE then install again.
2) At Startup page from LINE, Click Use Email Login.
3) Then put your phone no. and get in.
4) Goto Setting , Link to your Facebook.
5) Back to Home, Kill LINE from task manager (double click home and Hold LINE icon, click X)
6) Download iTools from PC ( If you Jailbreak already, you can use iFiles )
7) Run iTools from PC, find LINE , at right side, click the third button ( the last right one)
8) goto : /Library/Perferences, copy jp.naver.line.plist to your desktop.
9) Delete jp.naver.line.plist






Step 2

1) Run LINE again, login from mail (** this time will skip phone number register )
2) After getin, back to home and kill LINE again
3) Use iTools , goto LINE/Library/Perferences, open jp.naver.line.plist

** you can use plist editor for Windows to edit it

Search :


Then copy the DIGIT in side :

<integer> xxxxxx </integer>

eg :

<integer> 29830 </integer>

<integer> 8320 </integer>



Step 3

1) Open the Copy One of jp.naver.line.plist from desktop
2) Seach


Replace the one you did copied before in 2 of <integer> xxxxxx </integer>

3) Search again :


Replace XX to JP

*** JP can edit to TH ( Thailand ) , TW ( Taiwan), ID (India)

4) Search again :

<string>+ xxxxxxxxxxxxx</string>

Delete these two line.

5) Then SAVE !


Step 4

1) Copy the edited jp.naver.line.plist from your desktop TO LINE/Library/Perferences, over write it.
2) Run LINE in iPhone, and goto Sticker shop to check :

Japan Sticker will be appeared :


if you like to download other region, just kill LINE, then edit again


then run LINE, will be show up :


Note :

If some sticker required you add a group,maybe you will get back to your region. You need to edit the jp.naver.line.plist again

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