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This article about : “The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012”

I quote the original with my different point of view:

Quote :

1) Microsoft Surface RT

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

Surface is a bundle of terrific, brave ideas about what a computer should be, bound together with old twine and sloppy execution. As a concept—the best of a tablet mixed with the best of a laptop—it’s terrific. As an actual thing you can buy for $500, it’s a total failure, hamstrung by a weak OS, a dearth of apps, and overall mediocrity. This isn’t what Microsoft told us it’d be—just an awkward halfstep—and that’s a shame. But we can still keep hope alive for the Pro version.

My review :

First of all, what the fuck of this editor, Sam Biddle ? terrific ? Did you ever use it ?

I own one, Build-in Office, very nice, and I do a lot of Excel for work, it’s the best office I ever used in Tablet like device.

My point to share :
1) This is NOT notebook replacement. Do not think about it at this moment, you need to know Windows RT =/= Windows 8, you can’t install any software outside Market.
2) If you need Microsoft office more than 50% , buy it. This is the best office in Tablet .
3) DO NOT expect you will install TONs of APPs , the Market still lack of Apps, but growing like Appstore from iPad FIRST Gen ( editor, don’t compare something when it is the first gen, you expect there’s TONs of APPs released while a NEW platform released ? holy shit )
4) the Keyboard is nice, depends(for me is really nice)

My Balance , why buy it ?
Buy :
1) MS Office
2) Keyboard
3) I still can use IE to view any web, it’s no point required so much apps to be installed
4) I can share WiFi to it access internet from my Note 2.
5) Most of gaming I played in Note 2 and PC.

1) for Games, there’s few.. but never compare to Android or iOS.
2) Entrainment, beside games, if you’re looking at movie playing, WindowsRT still bad as you still need to convert, buy Android Tablet better for here.
3) if you need a notebook replacement, better wait Surface Pro version. You may get 100% as you notebook.
4) I hate MS.
5) I’m Apple Fans (LOL)

Quote :

2) Sony SmartWatch

Finally! A gadget that’s not another phone or tablet. This could’ve been old school Sony at its new school best: a watch that hooks into Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of other great pixelated stuff. Thinking about it was enough to spark giddiness. Until you tried it on, and realized that it was garbage.

This Small thing, can display SMS, Facebook, E-mail, lot of message on it .

My point to share, Buy :
1) You won’t miss any call when you wear it.
2) Always picking something on handS and you use BT handset.
3) You can install many apps to this watch, like remote camera, Facebook, SMS, Location ETC.

1) a NICE outlook watch
2) You don’t have trouble about picking phone.
3) Looking for a bigggggggger watch…..
4) Checking message on watch ? WTF ?
5) I have a Rolex.


Quote :

3) The iPad Mini’s Screen

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

The iPad Mini is a good tablet, but it’s screen is unforgivably primitive for the price. When was the last time Apple put out a product packed with tech that’s worse than something it produced earlier? It’s downright regressive—and until the inevitable retina iPad Mini drops, a lot of people will be (rightfully) looking toward the Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 instead.

Well, I can say not all of us required a nice display, yes, without retina, it looks bad (blurred), but I didn’t think it is bad. You can see anything clearly still. And where is the design and performance consideration ? No matter you’re Apple Fans or not, that thin, that light, I wont feel people will not buy just about the screen, that is nice product depends what you really need to do on it.

Last :

I won’t say any product’s bad, the point that you buy a device, the balance (good + bad) will be the key, it’s totally different from everyone, DON’T TRUST ANYONE to buy something before YOU TEST IT BY YOURSELF . Think more about why you need it / really need to buy it. Ask yourself and trust your own. It’s really silly if you just look at the spec. , asking someone which phone is good without thinking. Just like Android and iPhone, you need to know what you need, you need to know how it works . …. well.. these kind of questions maybe you all heard about it or being asked…. So, take your point, share with them.

To Editor, please think more before you post anything, this is one of the most Disappointments of 2012 post I ever seen.

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