Android – Need a quick app launcher like Ubuntu ?

If you check up my Facebook page about the Ubuntu Youtube video, you may feel it is nice for the 4 sides gesture .

Here I found the side app launcher, it’s an add-on , not whole launcher replacement.

Snapshot from official video :

Quote from official :

What is it?
It’s a launcher. It allows you to launch your apps from anywhere. It’s inspired from others’ work. I hope you find it helpful.
Note that it’s an early beta release so it may not work very well on your device.
Here is a short video from GYF running in an emulator: here.
Yes it’s a terrible, slow video.
And there is a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

* Detects and updates when apps are installed/uninstalled
* Swipe left to close drawer
* Swipe right again and a list of running apps is displayed
* Long-click a running app; a “Stop” button shows up
* GYF then asks Android to stop tasks. Not convinced Android cares.
* New preference: feedback (vibration) when opening the drawer
* More obvious animations
* A few UI fixes

* Gingerbread support should now be OK


* Preferences: quick letter ribbon size configurable
* Preferences: Change ribbon colors and alpha
* Preferences: Change main list colors and alpha
* Preferences: Do not use notification or display blank

Download :

Official Site :

XDA Link :

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