New Android Hack for free region stickers

as I posted in Facebook before, the hacked LINE version didn’t work anymore, I found another method to get them in few mins, so easy.

Requirement :
– Rooted Android
– Official LINE (non-Hacked version), uninstall the hacked version and download it again from Play Store.
– Game Killer app

23 Jan 2013 updates :

for those get problems about Game Killer required register, try this one, acutally I have no problems about it…. don’t know why..

or using GameCIH

For how to use GameCIH, you may refer my latest post :

– Need at least ONE Free sticker that u HAVE NOT download yet.

Step :
1) run Game killer, you will see an icon show up even you back to LINE/HOME.
2) Go here from your Android
3) Click on one Sticker (remember the number of it)
4) Click on Game Killer Icon, search :

eg : Let say i clicked on no.694 sticker, it will goes to LINE, at LINE Sticker page,
click on game killer icon, search 694, in select data type, choose “WORD(0-65535)”

2013-01-16 16.28.45


5) it will show some numbers, then back to my blog.

2013-01-16 16.32.56
6) choose another one, this time, you need to make sure you didn’t download it yet.

eg : i pick 695, then click Game killer, search 695, this time will show up 3-4 results.

2013-01-16 16.33.12

7) click on menu, “Data Control” > “Modify all Values” , input the number 708, click ok,

then you will see NOTHING CHANGED at this sticker page, it’s normal.

2013-01-16 17.05.48

2013-01-16 17.06.03

8) Click on Download, the new sticker will be downloaded if you do it right, after downloaded, hold on that page.
9) repeat step 7 – 8 , just change the value to 709, 710, 711, 712 one bye one, then u will download all of those free region stickers.

As I didn’t have iOS device, you may try this method on your Jailbroken device, using some Game Editor like Game Killer. Hope it works.

PS : I think Naver will fix this soon, it’s quite simple to fix from adding some code checking before confirm download the sticker… so just do it asap and download all old stickers as well. Im pretty sure this method works on old stickers too.

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