iOS or Non-Rooted Android Users – Another way to get Free Region Stickers




On 15:39pm 4 Feb, 2013

I posted the video right here, check this post if you wanna know how to get used to.

On 15:39pm 23 Jan, 2013
I posted video showing how to use GameCIH in my Facebook page, head to it if you want a clear picture in your mind.


On 4:14am 23 Jan, 2013
ha, this is 4:14am now, but I would like to post this to share with you all before I go sleep. I tested this way, success to get those stickers, hope can help you all get them specially for iOS users. Hope you all like it ! I’m out now, leave message to me if find problems, I will reply you on tmr. see you and enjoy it !


OK, finally I get it works from official Android Emulator, this hack can let iOS users get them on your PC.

Requirement :

1) Facebook and Email registered in LINE
2) Windows ( didn’t try on other platform)
2.5) Download LINE Bubble Sticker before you start
3) Look Clearly my words.
4) Get a chocolate to me

Let’s go !

1) Download Java SE Development Kit 7  & Install it

** depends on your windows version to download 32bit or 64bit


2) Download Android SDK

** depends on your windows version to download 32bit or 64bit


3) Extract Android SDK to somewhere you like.

Run SDK Manager.exe , if nothing popup, go : \sdk\tools\ , run android.bat

4) Choose these item and click install.


5) After Installed , go “Tools”, “Manage AVDs…”


6) Click on “New…”


7) Follow my settings below :


*** DO NOT TRY SET TARGET as Android 3.x or 4.x , it WON’T work.

8) Click Create “OK” to finish.

9) Click LINE and then click “Start…”


10) Click “Launch”


11) if everything ok, you will see this screen :


12) after loaded into system, download my pack here :


13) Extract that two folders, first run :


a box comes out like below :


Wait for installation, it will take some mins .

after done , go to another folder extracted as before call root, and run :


another box comes out :


REMEMBER ! Everytime you did reboot, you need to run root.bat go get root.

14) Try run GameCIH, if your settings correct, Superuser will popup and click “Allow”.


** if everything goes right, you can see this screen, then Home button to back.


15) OK, everything prepared. Now, run Facebook in Emulator and login. ( same account as LINE )
** actually I tried skip this step still works, but just follow..

16) Click Home and run LINE.

16) Login as Facebook. ( this step, if you cannot login from facebook, just enter your email to login)

17) If they ask you put in phone number, try click the Facebook login at bottom, I tried this time facebook login works. If not, just enter your number to register……)

18) goto sticker shop, click on EVENT,  LINE Bubble.

19) call out GameCIH by clicking :


Then click this :


20) Click “Input Number” , and fill in 693, press OK



It will takes LONG time to search, if a box comes up telling you LINE stop working, remember press “WAIT

if ok, it will show :


21) We need “K:”  value, try scroll down to find it. once you find it, click on it, will show below :


22) Enter 708, then click “Modify” to save. Then click back key go back.


23) You will see NOTHING CHANGED at line bubble sticker page, just click download.


24) If success , will be changed to this :


25) after download, just click OK and STAY AT LINE BUBBLE STICKER PAGE, call out GameCIH, click on “k:708”

put 709 this time and back to line bubble sticker page again, like before, NOTHING Changed

click on download again. If ok, will show :


Repeat Step 25) , put 708 – 714 to get all stickers now.

I post my snapshot here for those. Tested and prove it is work.




Good Luck You All !

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