Why ? War of PDA Phone : Netbook vs PDA Phone


I never think this happen : How come a Notebook cheaper than a PDA Phone !!?? but it really happened …….. shocked ..

Netbook only selling at 3 – 5k and PDA Phone seling at 3 – 6K …

The point that I thinking of for choice between:

1 : Life time
2 : Unit turn on speed ( from poweron to working )
3 : What process I need ? (Software)
4 : Below 1KG (Thin pls)
5: Screen Resolution


Well , I have EEEPC 701 before , the life time of it should be around 2 hrs , starting time from press power on to finished loading all process in winxp, take around 30 – 40 sec only . it’s quite good .. but since the screen not fit for my works now , so I sold it and buy a new toy for Fujiysu U2010 .

It very like my D900 , flip screen, tablet, keyboard , just like a full function of D900…

I’m waiting for WinXP drive release .. I can’t accept for the loading time and the performance of Fu*ing Vista .

I don’t really care about the hardware spec, since for my work, not require faster processor and display chips/card . But I care about the resoultion of the screen.. I use 1680 x 1280 (Still CRT & I loving it) at home ……..

For mobile phone part, now I’m using iPhone 2G , very good for web , drop notes, viewing my photos. Playing silly games ….

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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