Leies CLE for WM6 (Crossbow)

Dear all, here's updated version which supported WM6 already .

Here's the info :  MUST read my notes before you install …

– Two Versions , CHT and CHS
– Use WM05 Orginial IME
– Support Hardware Keyboard
– Fonts can be changed by using my Fonts CAB*

* It's some problems when you delete the fonts after changing. So I suggested , if you like to chnage the fonts, please leave me a message and told me which fonts that you like, I can repack for you .

Note For VGA user : If you use OZVGA in the main time, please install QVGA version. and Hand Write must not work, so I've ripped out already, you may use my pack for HTC Universal and If you like to use handwrite, here's CE-Star's Penpower rip .

Download :

CHT Version :


CHS Version :
Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 [Use Askual's PingYin + M$ Handwrite] Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 2 [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite] Leies CLE CHS VGA [Use M$ PingYin + M$ Handwrite]

Install Method: If you using non HTC machine, please install Leies CLE , then install IME_ENABLER (included in rar) , Reset and Finish.

Others Fonts Download :
UniFonts <– I'm using this.
Monster Chinese

* Remember ! If you like to uninstall, you MUST change back to Keyboard by Use my G4 SIP Tweak, I suggested perform a hardreset … better than Uninstall…

For Those wanna WM5 Version, please see here : http://blog.g4team.com/?p=19

Darth Vampire Leies !

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  • Andy says:

    Hi Leies Thanks you your effort on ce-star UniFonts add-on. It seem beautiful than original. But on WM6 it seem cannot run normal and the \Windows\sunglobe.ttf cannot be delete.

  • Hi Andy,

    I tried some unit that works fine in WM6. 

     \Windows\sunglobe.ttf <- please rename it to any name without extension before delete. eg. sunglobe

    If you still can't delete, try using PC connected to delete.

  • Francis Au says:

    I have found one error message after installation of the Leies. It is “pimg is not a valid Pocket PC Application” when I re-boot the system.


  • Stevenson says:

    Is there a guide on how to install it, btw i’m using a O2 Zinc with WM6 platform. Thanks.

  • miko says:

    Hi.. Leies. Thanks for your efforts to provide a great site for us.
    I tried to download the link of Leies CLE CHT_QVGA for couple times but not successful .
    Could you update the link, please ?
    Thanks For Your Help ! 🙂

  • Hi Miko ,

    I’ve check the link and tried downlaod, they are correct but for you case, I’ve uploaded to other host , get it here


  • Miko says:

    Leies, I got it. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Rich says:

    Hi, thanks for making your work available. It’s definitely the best solution I’ve seen on the web for chinese reading/input.

    One note: Large Start Menu does not work correctly once this is installed

    Also, will it be possible to add pinyin for CHT with keyboard support? That is the only way I know how to type in Chinese.

  • J.S. says:

    i tried to download the Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1 and 2 but in boths packs the Leies_CLE_CHS_Q1.cab seems damaged.
    everytime i get the message “unexpected end of archive”
    can you maybe reupp this .cab file only?

  • marvin17 says:

    Leies, I have the same problem like J.S when downloading the Leies_CLE_CHS_Q1.cab or 2.cab
    from china. can u pls provide another link? thanks.

  • d_j_l says:

    I tested Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 2 on my T-mobile Wing (made by HTC). It worked on both device memory and storage card. No IME_ENABLERs needed. Thanks.

  • Ronald says:

    Dear Leies,

    Thank you for your great release, it has been a really great improvement to have in WM6. I dun like the interface and the instability brings along by ce-star.
    BTW, is it possible to use the Unifonts and the default English Font together? I love the unifonts but it will replace my dafault english font, which is bolder and clearer for me to read, once installed. It would be perfect if it’s possible to have them both, Unifonts as the Chinese font and the default font displays for English. Thank you really much

  • Ronald says:

    Sorry Leies, I tried your package and it freezed my Universal at the reboot splash screen. I tried twice and it just doesn’t seem to work properly. My rom is a 6.1 core.

    Hope there will be fixes to this problem soon . Thanks

  • youpii says:

    After installing Leies Chinese[MingLiu+NLS].cab on the WinMo 6 Pro Emulator (from VisualStudio), the installation of the CLE failed:
    – CLE CHS (QVGA 2/VGA)
    Screen stays black after reboot (same if install on device or storage card)
    – CLE CHS QVGA 1
    Touchscreen does not work any more
    Screen stays black after reboot (same if install on device or storage card)

    Did I missed any requirements?

  • To Youpii:
    You need to install IME_ENABLER (included in rar) , Reset , before install any CLE .

    I tried on standalone version of emulator, it works .

  • youpii says:

    Ok, thanks! It works 🙂
    But you wrote:
    “If you using non HTC machine, please install Leies CLE , then install IME_ENABLER (included in rar) , Reset and Finish”. So I thought the enablers have to be installed before the CLE.

  • Ronald says:

    Thanks Leies for this great release.

    I am using WM6.1 core WWE rom on my Universal. Are there anyway I can remove or simply hide that Pinyin and other SIPs besides Chanjei?

    I would love to use PQzII with this release but the Pinyin always launch when I change SIP input mode. Thanks.


  • Ronald says:

    As G4TeamIME hide doesn’t work on my Universal. Thanks

  • theseas says:

    I just installed the new WM6.1 professional on my HTC phone. Then I tried to install the Leies CLE CHT_QVGA software to my phone. Unfortunately my phonoe froze everytime and couldn’t function at all. When I rebooted the phone, the problem didn’t go away. I had no choice but reinstall my WM6.1 software. I tried several times to install your software but still caused the same problem.
    Your software used to work on my HTC phone in WM5.0 version. Are you able to fix the bug so that I can continue using it? I like your software a lot. Thanks a lot for making our lives easier. ^ ^


  • Jun says:

    HI, Leies
    The file “Leies_CLE_CHS_V” is broken. Can you fix it? Thank you.

  • Moebius says:

    What’s CHT CLS and all that? I’ve got an HTC Touch Pro and looking at OZVGA and what-have-you, I can’t tell what I’m supposed to download? How many files and which ones?

    ;o) …nice idea on the fix. If I can’t get an answer I guess it’s back to Monster… again… la… ;o)

  • dkml says:

    Great Brother! My HP HX4700 upgraded english WM6.1 and I found no other product can make it work properly!

    BUT YOU! You are super sweet guy for me!



  • Kevin says:

    I can’t find G4 sip tweak. Where can I download it?

  • Jan says:

    I am trying to install your app to my HTC snap. But no luck
    I ran the “Leies_CLE_CHS_Q1.ca ” from “Leies CLE CHS QVGA Pack 1”. The installation failed.
    After a reset I am left with a “Program…” folder.
    But no Pinyin input.
    Does this app work on HTC snap with WM6.1 standard (NO touchscreen)??
    If so, what are the correct steps??

    Thank you very much!

  • Leies Chan says:

    NOT for WM6.1 standard

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