My XP crushed…

Don’t know why, all of dot net software not working…for few weeks already.. I’m lazy, most of time writing blog with Windows Live Writer , but I can’t run it…. so you can see I haven’t post quite often in these week .. Finally,I reinstalled XP ..

Before I install again, I searched a Performance Edition, since I’m a fans for nlite, using a lite XP even on my desktop . Here’s the latest version torrent link for Oct 08 Version .

After Install, Wow, quite fast ! faster than April version . I’m loving it.

Back to my web, there’s quite many changes in these week for Leies Mobile Now. I hope everyone loves my web. So… I’ll make something changes there, if you’re iPhone users, you now can see something changed in some news/mag .

Brainstorming Phase …. I can’t tell so much ..

Sick sick sick , haven’t sleep well these days .

See Ya !

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