Get in Kitchen and Cook ?

Why ? Maybe I’ll cook a Unisersal Rom for when next WM6 Release . But it’s a little bit ….. vexation, mad …

My Questions …

  1. If use Leies CLE as Chinese Core, which pack (VGA/QVGA) ?
    if use VGA, can’t be used in OZVGA
    if use QVGA, can’t be used in VGA mode ….. WTF ..
  2. If use CE-Star, Which SIP that I have to embedded ? or let user to install ( then why I’ve to get in kitchen ? meaningless ? )
  3. Use standard fonts ? or use UniFonts or others ?

If I really wanna get in kitchen …

  1. It must be some programs rip/add … like ozVGA will embedded.
  2. 中文?體版 MUI ( maybe not … )
  3. Three Version …
    – CE-Star (倉頡,速?,手寫) , I’ll try without install can be used.
    – Leies CLE VGA
    – Leies CLE ozVGA (without CHT handwrite but use CE-Star’s Penpower)
  4. T9 Chinese input (optional …. someone will like it, right? )
  5. I will try rip out the ENG IME since we won’t use it …
    一__一”” We got real keyboard man …

After typed 1-5 points , I wanna to say , I’m mad …

Let’s think about it … and send me comments .

Darth Vampire Leies

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