Leies CE-Star 2.8 R3C Version 2 with other Fonts (DEC08)

Update on 7-12-08
I Repeat : NO WM5 Smartphone and WM6 Standard Version YET

These Months, released quite many good Machines, many users reported that my old one not working at all. So I’ve updated to this Version 2.

It supports :
Samsung i780/i900
HTC Touch Diamond/Pro/HD
Toshiba G810
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 <- I love it but $$$ …. haven’t bought it yet..

This time, I created 2 Packs, One like before, CAB, And I’ve created PC install also .  If you found anything wrong with CAB one, try PC install !

Before this post, I’ve posted a WM 6.1.4 Emulator, I’ve been test this Version 2 in that. Success .


* If you dunno how to install, view the Install.html inside the ZIP.

Download :

For WM5/6

Download Leies CE-Star 2.8R3C Version 2 – CAB Install (Already X)

For Treo

PC Install (Need to Apply the Patch) : leave me msg….
Patch only : leave me msg….


PC Install (Need to Apply the Patch): http://url.g4team.com/?4ac1db
Patched only : http://url.g4team.com/?2ad620

CAB Installation :

1.) 系統安裝 : 只可選一個安裝
System Big5C.cab <- 繁體
System GBKC.cab <- 簡體

***** 安裝後系統會要求 Reset , 千萬不要 Reset !!!! *****

2.) 輸入法安裝 : 選擇安裝

3.) 最後安裝過程
到 Start -> Programs -> CE-Star , 按下 Install , Reset 後就完成 .

Patch Installation :

After Installed From PC and Reset.

1) Close Tray Icon from Right Corner (MUST !!!)
2) Click on the Patch and it will install .
3) Reset your Unit and Done.

Fonts Download & Installation :

Feel the fonts ugly ?! Well, here’s some fonts let you change …

微軟正黑體: http://url.g4team.com/?d94901
DroidSansFallback : http://url.g4team.com/?62558c

After installed CE-Star, click on the CAB, install and reset .

Best Regards,
Darth Vampire Leies

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  • John says:

    Thanks !!! It works fine in my X1 now !!!

  • John Phua says:

    It work!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Bryan says:

    is there any way you can include japanese fonts?

  • Bryan says:

    sorry, i just saw the japanese pack. however, is there any way to have both traditional and simplified?

    I know if I install straight from computer I can select both, but ur cab only allows one.

    Is there anyway, to do so with the cabs? i like to switch if I ever have to look something from traditional to simplified. thank you

  • Soul says:

    I want to have the link as those links i got were failed to connect…Thank you so much.
    Here is my e-mail: soulcrazy25@yahoo.com.hk

  • Jeff says:

    Great Job!!! Thanks for Leise’s effort!!!

    BTW, was there anyone patch R3C V2 successfully on Treo 750? I can not do it, why???

  • Jeff says:

    Great Job!!! Thanks for Leise’s effort!!!

    BTW, was there anyone who patched R3C V2 successfully on Treo 750 of V4A ROM from PIL? I can not do it, why???

  • HenRy says:

    Old thing, it still not support REAL VGA 128DPI, but 96DPI is work fine, any solution? Thanks!

  • Lau says:

    i just download the CE-Star from your web. but can’t work at X1 for the keyboard, how can i fix this…thx

  • Yoshi says:

    I just bought a X1 and using your version of CE Star happily
    Million Thanks

  • youngbow says:

    Could you please release another crack for WM 6 standard (non-touch screen smartphone)? Actually, I tried your crack in my BlackJack II. The program become registered but IME is gone. Since you already had such a good crack for WM6 Pro and even WM 2003, please add another crack for non-touch screen. Thanks a million in advance!

  • Gavin Wong says:

    It works on my HTC HD2, Thanks!!

  • ABALL says:

    一按實體KEYBOARD既制 佢自動又跳番做原機果個倉頡..


  • Kevin says:

    Thank you for your help and I was succesfully install Ce-star 2.8 R3c V2 into my SonyEricsson Xperia X2, but unfortunally the phonebook are still cannot support the Chinese Word, funny is WM6.5 contact can support Chinese Word, just is the Sony itself phonebook are not supported, I think may be is the fonts problem.
    Can you help me? but anywhere thank for your ce-star crack file.

  • 我收到有呢個情況… 你用中文 rom ?

  • Kevin: I think you should use resources hacker thing to check the contact program from SE…

  • Nelson Luk says:

    Would you reinstate the Link for WM3SE verison ? Thank you !!

  • Kenny says:

    Leies 兄才:感謝分享!在下的 LG-KS20 裝了後正常穩定,沒有口口。另請教裝那個微軟正黑體版本是字碼廣泛的。上面的正黑體是正常穩定,但是非常多口口,特別是簡體字。祝您快樂!-Kenny- From HK

  • Kenny says:

    Leies 兄才:補充 LG-KS20 WM6.0 HK Eng.-Version,裝了Leies CE-Star 2.8 R3C Version 2 後完全穩定,沒有口口,再裝上面的微軟正黑體就很多口口。
    Thank You!

  • Henry says:

    sorry what does this mean?

    “1) Close Tray Icon from Right Corner (MUST !!!)”

  • Henry says:

    hi it works on my HTC HD@ T-Mobile North American Version

    thank you very much!

  • Henry says:

    hi it works on my HTC HD2 T-Mobile North American Version

    thank you very much!

  • Black says:

    Hi, is it support for WM6.5? My phone is HTC HD MINI…

  • Neo says:

    Hi, I install System Big5C.cab and Penpower蒙恬Big5.cab at my HTC HD Mini then reset but the phone just hangs up. Could anyone help?

  • Kevin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m using SonyEricsson Xperia X2 with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and I was successful install Ce-Star R3C version 2, but unfortunely a few section still cannot read the Chinese Word, it’s still snow [][]character, who can help me to solve the problem? Thank you.

  • Louis says:

    Hi, I have an HTC HD Mini English WM6.5 version. Installed as described. But after restart, just hanged with a black screen. Could you please advise what problem? Or is there any other softwares that I can add for reading and inputting Chinese? Thanks.

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi mate, can you tell me how to crack the CE-Star 2.8 r3c. Also, can you provide a new link to download the patch file. Thank you.

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