How to use PC control your Android Phone/Tab ?

If you hope to use some App from PC/MAC , you can use Bluestacks for them, but for some reason, like using Whatsapp, you can only using in One Device for each account, when you using PC, how to use it ? Here’s a solution .

This is the snapshot from my Lenovo Miix 8 Windows 8 Tab .



What you can do in this topic ?
– Control your Android using Mouse, typing using PC’s Keyboard.
– Mirror your Android Screen to PC


What you need ?

– Windows with SideSync ( Install it )
– Android with OS 4.4 (KitKat) SideSync ( Install it )

That’s is from Samsung , not sure that can use in other brand. As I saw, there’s no limit on other brand.


Why not using Teamviewer / VNC ?

Both, you will need a Internet Connection. But for Sidesync, you can just simply use a USB Cable ( it also support Wifi connection of course )


After Installation both, connect it with USB Cable / Wifi between PC & Android, Run the SideSync on both, when you see this screen from Windows, choose USB or Wifi connection, then run the app from your Android.

** for Wifi , you must in same network



Then, it will try to connect like below :

Few Seconds after, Boom !


Then , you can run whatsapp to try , I used Samsung IME, so I can use my PC’s Keyboard to input Chinese/English easily .



If you don’t like to see your screen on your PC, SideSync also support a mouse and keyboard sharing Mode.


What is mouse and keyboard sharing Mode ?

You can use your PC’s Mouse and Keyboard to control your Android without showing the screen in PC.


How to active Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Mode ?


Then, you may see :

Then, You can move your mouse to Left, Right or Bottom to your Android Device.

You will see the mouse cursor like mine below :


Right Click = Back

Of Course, you can use your PC’s Keyboard to type.


Is it cool ? the Frame Rate is very good too. It’s very useful when you use PC most of time like me.

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