iOS 9.2–9.33 Jailbreak Released.

Leies  : I post in English as Chinese should know know to do it.

Remember ! This is Semi Jail Break, when you reboot, you need to run the Jailbreak App from iPhone/iPad AGAIN every time.if reboot.

Unlike the old Jailbreak, this time required more steps.

{Requirement :}

– 64 Bit iPhone/iPad
– Supported iOS Version : 9.2 – 9.3.3
– Windows PC
– a New Apple ID (If you scare this tool will get your Apple ID and Password)

{ Download }

{Step 1}

Yes this is Chinese , since their English Page didnt finish yet, i think they will finish soon.


for my file name is : pphelper_5.0.3.1142_25pp_00119_Setup.exe

Install it and you will find a new icon called “PP助手5.0” on your desktop, then run it.

{Step 2}

And Now, connect your iPhone/iPad to Computer USB. Click the icon as below icon I marked.

And a window will pops up, sorry that I didnt take snapshot, just wait for it finish. Will takes 5-10 mins.

When the window changed, it just mean the jailbreak tools installed to your iPhone/iPad.

{Step 3}

When finish, it will ask you to input your Apple ID and Password.

Like I told before, you can register a new one ( I did)

After enter the information, check your iPad, it will redirected to a page like below :


Press Trust “YOUR MAIL”.

{Step 4}

Now, back to home,  you will find an new icon as below photo :


Run the App as above icon .

Click Yes for below photo :

Then, click middle circle button

{Step 5}

When this photo shown :

You need to click power button to standby .

Wait for around 6 seconds , the screen will turn on.

if not , you can turn on and check :


Above photo means it is success, and wait for 1 min, then it will reboot.

Leies Note : I failed for the first time , and I run the Jailbreak App in iPad again. The second time is success.

{Step 6}

If everything is done, will display this photo on iPhone/iPad :

Finally, they advise to install[ Apple File Conduct “2” ] in Cydia. Just install it.


{Jail Break Finished}

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