iPhone 3G vs 3GS

Alright, yesterday I haven’t talk about hardware, and now, let’s see the hardware part, and that only scratches the surface. For the gritty details, maybe I will grab some detail architecture graphs about ARM Cortex A8 and PowerVR later ……


Let’s start


iPhone 3G S Speed

First the CPU, how powerful is ARM Cortex A8? really 2X times faster? To cut it short, if the iPhone 2G and 3G were old 486 PCs, the iPhone 3G S should be Pentium grading…



As for the GPU, the PowerVR SGX, even if it’s clocked down to half-speed, it’s rendering geometry 3.5x faster with a fill rate 25% higher as well:


If would like to know how powerful SGX does, see this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnr4HCIoFlk


At this stage, what you’re think of ?


Apple wanna bring iPhone 3GS becomes “Gaming Platform”


The iPhone 3GS’ performance upgrades should make the phone feel a lot faster, but the real improvement will be what it enables application and game developers to do. Apple recently hired two former AMD/ATI CTOs, presumably to work on some very graphics-centric projects. The iPhone 3GS may be a mild upgrade from a consumer perspective, but what it’s going to enable is far from it; watch out Nintendo. Remember the performance gains we saw in the early days of 3D graphics on the PC? We’re about to go through all of that once more in the mobile space.


Looking toward the future, there’s always more around the corner. There’s the Cortex A9 which brings multiple cores to the table, and the PowerVR SGX engine can be scaled up simply by adding more USSE pipes to the architecture. Newer manufacturing processes will enable bringing these technologies to life without any decrease in battery power.


Worth or not, depands what you expected…


Hey MS, what will you doing ? Still WM6.5 ? or expecting on WM7 ?  Please bring a Great Platform to us ! 


iPhone software/hardware discussion ended by this post.

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