Funny Theme !

After Facebook Theme, this time, step to a old fashion ….MacOS ??

First time I “touch” Mac, it’s MacOS 7.X and the unit is Power Macintosh 6X00 (Forgot….) almost ten years ago.


Apple, Inc.

Wikipedia, Danamania


My bro bought this machine back to home and I play with it. At that stage, I just know what is DOS since I haven’t touch any computer before, sometimes goto my friends home to play street fighter 2….

This is the first time I TOUCH Mac + MacOS. KP, KP and KP if you put wrong extension, hahaha !

Few years later, he bought a Power Macintosh 7X00 later, it’s OS9 that I remembered..

For mine, the first computer was Pentium 75/100/133 ? Windows 95 just out and I still using Windows 3.1, playing WWF. And after installed Win95, Wow, seems like MacOS !

Don’t know why I blog this topic =.=….

I Love Old Fashion !

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