iMate’s Jasjar DOC always Fail ?

It's the x time my Jasjar DOC fail after flashed a rom .

and mtty 1.42 also saved my Jasjar many many times too …


After 2 days , I think I won't release Universal Custom rom,
since my cab pack already make easilest installation and I dun wanna ->Custom Rom -> Flash -> Test -> Fix -> Flash -> Upload <-> Fix again <> Wait for new rom 

And For Univeral, there's many "Way"  , VGA ? QVGA (OzVGA) , so i think it's very hard to make built-in Chinese IME for all "Way" users.

Everytime Hardreset or Flashed a new rom,

for my Jasjar (Phone) :
Leies CLE  > Leies SIP > SingleLine  Time > Show > WMP

for my Exec (PDA) :
……………. 唔講喇 … 太多…

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