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What and How to install CAB ?
CAB is a format for WinMobile, you may think it means installer for PDA. Copy *.CAB to your PDA/Storage Card, click the CAB directly , it will started to install.  

updated on 30.8.07

> Chinese Support Software :

> Software :

HTC ELF Radio update

HTC ELF(Touch) Update SPL (USPL) v1 – CID Unlock


Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Portable

G4 IME Online 網上輸入法

Auto Fly Mode for Pocket PC Phone

For HK PCCW 3G User setting up 3G Video in PPC

Pocket MSN for Crossbow

Windows Live Messenger No Date Crack

WM6’s Remote Desktop, for those using Windows Vista

> Roms : i just list out the lastest rom

Leies Crossbow V4 for Universal

ROM’s Add-on Bootup Splash Theme

WM6 Device Emulator and Image


> Recover and Docs :

For those Universal Stuck on Bootscreen

iMate’s Jasjar DOC always Fail ?

Why some IME/SIP crush after install in O2 Atom or others PPC


> Games :

當 PSP 回到 DOS 時代

童年打街機 ! [PSP]

Wii GC Savecard to SD done

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