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Rules 規則 :

1) Sharing is welcome BUT please give me the credits . If I find ANY didn’t do it, I WON’T DO IT ANYMORE.
我的修改版可隨便轉載, 但必需加入我的網頁/名. 如發現任何沒有做到, 我不會再做更新.

2) For any hack request, I will try, please don’t keep sending me message.
所有要求我會盡力去試, 但請不要不停傳訊給我.

3) For all request, please goto my Facebook Page :
如有要求, 請到我的 Facebook 專頁 :

4) I’m new to hacking, starting from 2014 .
我還是新手, 開始學修改於 2014.

Hacking Tips 修改小提示 :

Online Game, you have around 1% mod the gold/coin/gem from any tools, they store the value from their server.
網遊, 不論用什麼工具, 我相信只有1%可修改金錢, 寶石. 因為數值儲存於他們的伺服器.

Every money changes will be traced .
所有金錢變化, 伺服器都會追尋.

then what we can do ? 那我們可以 ?
Try think more about : how can I get money . 想想我們怎樣拿到錢.

Then try mod the value 再試改那個數值.

Some games, when you get higher score, you get more money, then try mod score.
有部份遊戲, 只要你拿高分, 便可拿到更多錢, 那就去試改分數.

Will try hack them 將會去試修改:

Nothing yet … need more time ..



Tried but some issue 試過但有問題:

Do don’t expect below games I can make it.
以下的不要期望太多, 我未必可破解.

LINE Cookie Run – Source Code Encrypted, CANNOT be modded in short time, Do not send me and post any request about this anymore, or i will delete them without notice.
程式碼已加密, 短時期內不可能修改, 請勿再傳我短訊或在不相關的 Post 要求破解, 我會直接刪除.

Line Mass Fishing – New version have a lot of protection  . 新版有太多檢察
Line I Love Coffee – it use another Lang to build and source code encrypted, i need to learn . 這遊戲用第二種語言編寫而且已加密, 我會試著學再破解.


Cannot be Modded 不能修改:

I didn’t skilled 我沒能力做到.

Line Touch Monster – Xigncode 3 protection


Will Not Release 不會發佈 :

– 神魔之塔 / TOS
– All About Gem Hack
– All About Mega Hack


My Hack List : 修改列表

你的賬戶會有機會被停權 , 如使用就要自己接受承擔風險 .

LINE Fish Island 1.0.2 Life 不死/ No Miss

LINE Go!Go!Go! 1.0.3 Gold金錢 + Gas 氣油扣減半 

LINE Wind Runner 2.2.3 Dash
I won’t release the Mega hack , DO NOT ASK ME OR I WILL BAN YOU.

LINE Pokopang 2.0.5
I won’t release the Power hack , DO NOT ASK ME OR I WILL BAN YOU.

LINE Party Run 1.0.3 Stamina 體力不減

LINE Sonic Dash S 1.0.1

LINE Dozer 1.2.1

LINE Jelly 1.3.5

LINE Mass Fishing 1.2.7

LINE POP 2.3.0
I won’t release the Time/Score hack , DO NOT ASK ME OR I WILL BAN YOU.

歡樂釣魚度假島-FISH ISLAND 1.0.5

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